Friday, February 17, 2017

Most oil changes are a must at 7,500 miles, Every 6 to 12 months.Very easy to change oil.Begin by raising vehicle inspect the filter underneath an spot the catridge filter.Keep in mind the catridge filter is very important it should be easy to remove you could use your hand.When first we remove the drain plug use a wrench that would not damage your engine.Be sure to use a drain pan to catch the oil.all should be in accordance with epa disposal standards and owners manual torque specifications.Check the gasket on the drain plug some use a new gasket and a trick is to oil the gaskets to make it easier for the next time you change oil.Replace it it should cost a little and should protect your car.Dont forget to fill the oil filter with oil and also get a new O ring.Oem torque specifications also on the filter.Use a large funnel to prevent oil from smearing engine I believe they are called fillers in accordance to your car.Oem specifications are a must your light should go off after you tichtened all bolts lefty loosie righty tightie.Check top oil.Remember oil is a hazard.
Don't forget gloves and protective gear.EPA has standards keep in mind and if the oil is not disposed correctly you could be responsible.I believe the drain plug is 2.5 rotation but check the manual.
Always check your fluids.

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